A Cat May Look at a King: & 8 Other Stories to Tell to Your Cat

“When Ramsay Wood retells a story he makes a proper job of it.” – The Times

From around the world – Korea to Ireland, Burma to France – come these nine hardy cat tales, stories that have survived for generations because of their enduring popularity.

Vicious, affectionate, murderous or benign – however you view cats you will find them portrayed here in full contradictory splendour.

Aided by eight top illustrators, Ramsay Wood retells a lively, personal selection. His previous book was the highly acclaimed “Kalila and Dimna – Selected Fables of Bidpai”, which was adapted for the stage as “A Word in the Stargazer’s Eye” at the 1984 Edinburgh Festival. He was the Secretary of the London-based College of Storytellers until 1991.

“A cat may look at a King, and a swain’s eye hath as high a reach as a lord’s looks.”
— Robert Greene, 1590

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