Although a co-founder of the College of Storytellers in 1981, Ramsay is now more story-reader than teller. The following clips he reads some fables from his two volumes of Kalila and Dimna:


Storytelling Jamboree

1- Clever Daughter by Pat Speight

2- Trailer by Diane Wolkstein

3- How To Tell A Story by The Seanachaí (Eamon Kelly)

4- Storytelling Traditions of India

5- The Woodcutter by Laura Simms

6- Tower of London by Yeoman Warden
(the Beefeater, with over 2 million views)

7- The Magic Orange Tree by Diane Wolkstein

8- The Arts of the Meddah

9- How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time by Dave Allen

10- Lecture by Dr Christine van Ruymbeke at 2012 Leipzig Panchatantra Conference

11- Full Lecture List from 2012 Leipzig Pancatantra Conference